About CTG

Colleges that coordinate CyberTech Girls events are focused on sharing technology training with middle school and high school girls that want to learn more about cybersecurity topics. Students will experience a variety of hands-on activities and engage with industry professionals, college students, and professors.

With the gender ratio of less than 15% female in technology and security roles, it is imperative that we encourage female students to enjoy experiences related to cybersecurity in a fun, no-pressure environment (read more on Slate). This type of experience can help guide and develop future interest in cybersecurity education and career.

Our colleges are interested in helping to develop pathways to cybersecurity careers that will be fulfilling and lucrative for females while helping to balance the gender ratio in technology fields. Sponsors, professionals, mentors, and volunteers are encouraged to be a part of these events.

Colleges that are interested in hosting a CyberTech Girls event may get in touch with Professor Tobi West at Coastline College by email at twest20@coastline.edu.  Additional information about the workshops can be found on the CyberWatch West website.