GenCyber Girls Summer Camp at Coastline College 2019

Summer Camp for Girls

07/15/19-07/19/19 8AM-3PM daily

Coastline College
12901 Euclid St, 3rd Floor
Garden Grove, CA

The GenCyber ​Girls camp at ​Coastline College’s Garden Grove center ​will ​be ​an ​exciting ​mix ​of ​hands-on ​experience, ​meeting ​inspirational security professionals, ​and ​fun. ​ ​The camp will be offered at no-cost to middle school and ​high school ​girls from Orange County, CA. The ​girls ​will ​experience ​cybersecurity lessons ​through ​meeting ​and ​hearing ​from ​professionals ​working ​in ​security, ​a ​variety ​of ​brain-stretching ​activities, ​and ​an ​opportunity ​to ​talk ​with ​other ​girls from the Orange County area. ​ ​

Lunch will be provided daily. Camp participants are subject to be photographed. Note: photos taken at the camp may be used later for online and print media.


Mentors Needed

The cybersecurity community needs mentors and one of the best ways to help out is to  volunteer at a summer camp related to your field. 


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Monday 07/15/19 8AM-3PM
Day 1 – Cybersecurity, ethics, and professions

  • Campus tour
  • Intro to binary and binary bracelets
  • Cyber ethics and civic responsibility
  • Intro to cybersecurity & CIA triad
  • Cybersecurity education programs
  • Cybersecurity professionals panel

Tuesday 07/16/19 8AM-3PM
Day 2 – Privacy, confidentiality, networking, and cyber defense

  • Ethics and privacy
  • Intro to cybersecurity student clubs
  • Intro to computer hardware and networking
  • Intro to cyber defense

Wednesday 07/17/19 8AM-3PM
Day 3 – Encryption, cyber wellness, and coding

  • Intro to encryption and the Internet
  • Strong passwords
  • Cyber wellness
  • Intro to coding

Thursday 07/18/19 8AM-3PM
Day 4 – Computer forensics, competitions, and law enforcement

  • Intro to digital forensics
  • Law enforcement presentation
  • Intro to cyber defense competitions
  • Website design

Friday 07/19/19
Day 5 – Cybersecurity careers and education

  • Panel presentation with cybersecurity community members
  • Poster session
  • Wrap-up discussion
  • Survey
  • Closing ceremony

Presented by Professor Tobi West and Coastline College.


Sponsored and supported by the National Science Foundation
and the National Security Agency.

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