Oct 2020 Webinar Series

Cybersecurity Awareness

October 2020: Wednesdays 12PM-1PM & Fridays 6PM-7:30PM
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October 7, 2020 12PM-1PM
Cypress College – Cyber Center National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Presentation
Presented by: Professor Ben Izadi & Professor Russ Alizadeh

The goal of this presentation is to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and to provide the community we serve with the necessary training and resources to be safer and more secure online by lowering their attack surface and not becoming easy targets for cyber criminals.
Presentation Files: Cybersecurity Awareness (pdf); Security Checklist (pptx)

October 9, 2020 6PM-7:30PM
Cypress College – Cyber Club (C4) Cybersecurity Awareness Presentation and Training
Presented by: Barrett Busch, Cara Wegner, & other C4 Club Members

The training focus is to provide general easy to follow tips and measures to help increase cybersecurity awareness and help recognize the cyber threats and common risks and the necessary steps to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime and achieving higher level of security culture.
Presentation File: C4 Cyber Club – Cybersecurity Awareness Training (pdf)

October 14, 2020 12PM-1PM
Coastline College – Cybersecurity Careers Panel
Presented by: Dr. Brandon Brown

Hear from panelists how cybersecurity impacts their work and the types of skills needed to work in different cybersecurity roles.

October 16, 2020 6PM-7:30PM
Coastline College & CyberDEI – ProTalks: Cybersecurity Careers
Presented by: Dr. Brandon Brown

Wonder what it’s like to work in Cybersecurity? Hear about cybersecurity work roles from professionals working in industry.  Jase from Crowdstrike will share “Cyber Breach War Stories”.
Presentation Files: OWASP IE (pptx); NessusEss (pdf); Cyber Month (pdf)

October 21, 2020 12PM-1PM
CyberDEI – Fake News, Deep Fakes, Securing Elections, and Misinformation
Presented by: Malia Mason

Learn more about how deep fakes, fake news, and misinformation change our perception of others and influence our decisions.

October 23, 2020 6PM-7:30PM
Irvine Valley College & Coastline College – Online Scams & Identity Theft
Presented by: Professor Mike Salviani & Professor Tobi West

Identity theft and online scams are on the rise due to the pandemic and other societal issues that cybercriminals take advantage of. Learn more about how to protect yourself against these types of social engineering attacks.
Presentation Files: Scams & Election Misinformation (pptx); Preventing Identity Theft (pptx)


October 28, 2020 12PM-1PM
Coastline College – Cybersecurity Competition Pathways and Student Clubs
Presented by: Dr. Brandon Brown & SoCalCCCC Mentors

Cybersecurity competitions help students develop technical skills and teamwork skills that prepare them for the working world. Student clubs provide students with professional networking opportunities and the platform to share their research or new knowledge with others.


October 30, 2020 6PM-7:30PM
Fullerton College, ISACA LA, & Coastline College – Cybersecurity Resumes; Preparing for Your Career in Cybersecurity; Closing Ceremony
Presented by: Professor Anna Carlin (ISACA LA) & Professor Tobi West

This presentation is for students interested in building skills and making connections for their resume while on their academic journey. Not sure what to include in your resume?  Do you want to get selected for a first round or second round campus interview with a great company?  Are you an experienced professional with 10+ years of experience and have a resume that already looks like a novel, but hasn’t turned out to be a best seller?  In today’s changing job market, you need to stand out among a sea of hundreds of LinkedIn job applicants all competing for that opening.  Join our session on the purpose of a resume, what information you should include, and how to get your resume recognized. 
The closing ceremony will include an announcement of the video contest winners.
Presentation Files: Cyber Up Your Resume (pptx)


Presented by Professor Tobi West of Coastline College &
Professor Anna Carlin of Fullerton College.
Supported by CyberDEI and Techqueria.

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